Let’s build a bridge to pacify the human soul and create awareness around animal exploitation and abuse.

Sabadell from August 5 to 9, 2018. For more information click on the link of the event.




Fasting as a form of protesting and raising awareness about injustices, has been practiced since ancient times. Among the possible motives we find: To demonstrate disagreement with the law, corruption, protests for human rights, civil disobedience, animal rights, etc.

In this case, we will be fasting for 5 days as a sign of solidarity with the animals.

Humans bring so-called “farm animals” into this world, only to exploit, rape, mistreat and kill them.

In this event we will highlight an act of injustice, which takes places in the last link of the process the animals go through: The slaughterhouse.

  • Every day we will see trucks loaded with innocent animals that are considered nothing more than a product, crammed together, without food and water, covered in their own excrements and urine
  • Animals that feel pain and suffering just like human beings
  • Animals with feelings and a desire to live
  • Animals that are given no rights, and aren’t even considered sentient beings, but only seen as products destined to end up in packages in supermarkets
  • Animals with a heart that beats just like ours
  • Animals with a brain, which gives them instincts and the ability to feel and experience life individuals
  • Animals who want to live their lives with respect and happiness
  • Animals who do not want to die, only to become cutlets, steaks, ribs, hamburgers, sausages, cheese from “laughing cows” or eggs from “free” chickens



In addition, each of these products, both the dismembered body parts and blood spills (flesh, organs etc…) and the processed products such as breast milk and menstruation (eggs), spread disease and end up killing humans. It kills us eventually, because the human body isn’t adapted to eat them. The human body’s nature is frugivorous. We are mainly fruit eating animals, with some leaves, nuts and seeds as part of our natural diet as well.

If you wish to verify this information with medical and scientific sources, here are some documentaries which confirm it, among many other existing sources. The first 3 are available on Netflix and the fourth on YouTube.


My name is Maite Gómez. I am a health and science professional in the field of natural and organic hygiene. Nutritionist and natural dietitian, expert in fasting and advisor on vital and sexual health. I offer an integrative and global approach to health. I am also an independent researcher and a health and animal rights activist.

My job during this protest is to offer guidance previous to, during and after the fast, as well as supervision during the process. There is a lot of false information about fasting and many prejudices around it. It is true that, to do it on your own, it is necessary to have previous knowledge or have tried it before. It is also important to follow recommendations, when doing a fast.


Fasting, an ancient practice

Since ancient times, fasting has been used for restoration and preservation of health. The earliest records of fasts date from the ancient civilizations of Greece. Plato and Socrates fasted for mental and physical improvements and for recovery.

Hippocrates recognized therapeutic fasting as a key element for healing the body. Pythagoras told his students to fast before entering his classes. The Bible tells us that Moses and Jesus fasted for 40 days for spiritual renewal.

In the sixteenth century the famous physicist Paracelsus said: “Fasting is the great remedy”, and in the seventeenth century Dr. Hoffman wrote the book “Description of the magnificent results obtained through fasting in all diseases.”

A century later, the Russian Dr. Von Seeland said that “fasting is the highest degree of therapy that exists”. Dr. Adolph Mayer said that “fasting is the most efficient means of correcting any disease”.

Dr. Moeller wrote that “fasting is the only natural evolutionary method whereby through a systemic cleansing you can restore yourself by degrees to physiologic normality.”


Mahatma Ghandi fasted for 21 days to promote respect and compassion, he was advised during the process by the prestigious hygienist Dr. Shelton.

Great bibliographic contributions in the area of ​​fasting can be found in the teachings of natural hygiene through the investigations and practices of famous hygienists such as: Dr. Shelton, Dr. Tilden, Dr. Scott, Dr. C.C. Fry and many others, as well as numerous physicists, physiologists and scholars.



¿What is fasting?


  • It is a physiological rest of the body, which allows you to get rid of harmful substances and toxins caused by incorrect life habits
  • It is a divine work of nature and life
  • It is a gift to yourself, your health and your life
  • It is a key which neutralizes the organism, so we become one with the body, the mind and become present and conscious
  • Fasting and its different adaptive modalities are the most favorable conditions which an organism can purify and repair itself
  • It is a powerful and unique tool that is based on physiological processes of the body
  • It helps people recover from both mild and severe health conditions

The possibility for the body to self-heal does not depend any doctor nor medicine, whether they are of natural or chemical origin, but it is inherent in its own nature.

Hippocrates said, “the natural forces that are within us, are those that truly cure diseases.”

Performing a fast is an experience which requires courage and discipline. Therefore, we will help each other with will and courage, that unites us in this protest and peaceful act.

A fast of up to 3 days, can be carried out by most people without a problem, except those people with mental imbalances, mood swings or those with bipolarities.

A fast which exceeds 3 days requires professional advice and guidance, except for those who have already fasted voluntarily on other occasions.

The main reason for this is that the body triggers its own symptomatology, which it is necessary to know how to interpret, to carry the process as optimally and safely as possible.

That is why I will be there, especially from the 3rd day, to offer guidance and support.

If you are not able to fast, do not worry. We can adapt to something in the lines of fasting.



Recommended for people with:



Dysfunctions, pathologic or illness



Lack of energy

High stress levels

Vital beat absence or stagnation


Fast if you want to:

Reset your body and mind

Grow on a personal level

Cleanse, purify and regenerate

Have more mental and emotional clarity

Recover vital instincts

Give yourself years of life



Not recommended for people with:

Very low body weight

Heart disease

Mental imbalances

Taking certain pharmaceutical drugs, especially psychotropic drugs.

Insulin dependence

Liver cirrhosis

No thyroid gland

Pregnancy over 6 months  


Very advances age

Very extended cancer


If you want to learn more about fasting and the science of hygienism as a health system, which focuses on the person as a whole, you can do so by acquiring my Masterclass “Transforming lives with fasting”. Due to the cause which unites us, I offer it with a lower price.

In this peaceful protest we will not be hungry for food, but for justice, empathy and solidarity.


And you? Now that you know the amazing benefits of fasting, as an addition to this moving event

Will you join us in this experience?

I will be there to accompany you in this challenge, that unites us, in the name of animal rights.

If you want to know more about me, you can visit my website or follow me through my Facebook page or my Instagram profile


Maite Gómez, health and science professional in the field of natural and organic hygiene.

Advisor and educator hygienist in integrative health. Expert in natural nutrition and fasting. Life and sexual coach.



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